Hello, my name is Harriet Khang and I am a junior studying Information Systems! I am taking CDF because I’ve always been interesting in studying design and taking a studio class. I am excited to learn how design integrates in with various different studies and is engrained in our daily lives.

Effective Example:

As a skin-care junkie, I have always admired the design of “The Ordinary” products. I have found that the overall contrast between the lettering and the background is distinct so that the words are immediately readable. Not the mention the clear use of font hierarchy and bolding, which helps readers easily understand the information on the bottle. Although the color scheme is a bit basic, I think it matches the vibe of the skincare company and seems very simple yet clean.

Ineffective Example:

I would say this would be a bad example of design. First, the font is not easily readable and the font size is incredibly small for the amount of space on the label. Although not example a design problem, the label is also littered with spelling errors. In terms of digestibility, the information is set in large paragraphs, making it hard for consumers to understand the information quickly. Furthermore, although the blue highlight draws a bit of importance to what is written, the blue highlight washes out the white lettering making it much harder to read.